First real blog update since migration

02 Sep 2013

So here we are, the first real post since the migration to Jekyll as a parsing engine. This makes updating and maintaining this blog much easier for me in comparison to trying to roll my own PHP and MySQL database. Creating a blog front and back-end on my own is fun for about 3 weeks and then I tend to lose interest, as for I’ve done the same thing probably three times now with the same results. It was also sort of a hassle to insert code snippets into the database using PHP when sanitizing my input. Using Jekyll everything is static and there is no back and forth to the server anymore.

I’d want to attempt this blog for a few reasons, I program for a career so I feel its’ helpful and important to stay current on technologies, being on the internet is fun, and blogging will allow/force me to dig a little deeper into things I post (I hope).

So that’s it. I have a few for powershell creations I’d like to post up and then I’ll try to find something to venture into. I’d like to get into mobile and work with Android some. that’s probably where I’ll go from here.

Oh, I’ll probably grab a real domain name first….(heh) Still thinking of a good name I’d like. Coding Soupcan is nice, but reminds me a little too much about Jeff Atwoods vastly successful blog Coding Horror… I’ll think of something I find quipy.