About Me

10 Jun 2012

The keyboard monkey that maintains this site lives in Denver, CO and spends most days writing software or crafting solutions that involve a combination of hardware and software. I cut my teeth writing software back in the 7th grade by accidently enrolling in a typing class, and yes this typing was on a typewriter. We had our choice of electives in the 7th grade and I had already taken wood and metal working so the only thing really left was typing. The class itself was as you'd expect, exceptionally plain old boring typing full of "home row" usage, and learning how to use the shift key without taking your hands off the keys. What made this class great was the 2nd half of the semester involved programming BASIC on an Apple IIe, and I found this fascinating. The ability to have a computer perform on what you told it to do was amazing. I spent months password protecting 5.25 inch floppy's with GOTO loops inbetween games of Number Munchers and Orgeon Trail. I then moved on to 286 and 386 PC, connecting to BBS's and IRC, Prodigy and early AOL when it wasn't connected to the true internet yet. I can still remember the password "Orange Tubber" we used over and over again to get free hours each month with a different new account.

After college I went to work for J.D. Edwards and Company, a software development shop working on their OneWorld ERP software suite (now known as EnterpriseOne owned by Oracle). My time at JDE really taught me the importance of writing maintainable code, how to properly test software, how important documentation is, so many times I had to read something I wrote two years prior just to understand why I did something in the first place. Basically everything about being a software developer you don't learn in college, the real basics.

Since my time at JD Edwards I have worked for various companies as a software developer or CNC/system administrator for OneWorld/EnterpriseOne installs in one aspect or another. Being on the end user side of the fence compared to working in a development shop has broadened my skills enormously. Allowing me to dabble in web services, EDI, powershell, linux/unix, web development and even a little database administration, you name it eventually you have to deal with it, figure out how it works or why it's not working and fix it... and I love it.

Personally I tinker non stop with hardware and software as a hobby. I've proudly built a carPC (well this was in a time where cell phones were not powerful mini-computers, the iPhone had not been invented yet), an Home Theater PC, a stencil cutter out of two old scanners and a DVD-player laser from instructions found here, designed and built my own solar yard lights. It's just fun to take things apart and make them better. I can be found on StackOverFlow and the other Stack Exchange sites, mostly asking questions but I do get an answer in here and there. Aside from technical related hobbies, I'm an avid skydiver, enjoy playing poker, judo, brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing and muay thai.

Feel free to contact me at bantonczak {at} gmail {dot} com